Per LA County Board of Health - Appointments will be staggered to limit the number of occupants in our spa clinic at any given time. A "no waiting" policy will require clients to remain in their car until a "safe to enter" text is received.  No guests may accompany client. A clean face mask must be worn upon entry and is required to remain in place during all treatments (facials have a separate protocol). Contactless temperature will be taken and an updated Covid-19 information intake is required within 24 hours of every appointment regardless of past client history. *New Electronic Intake Form is now available.

**Any client with Covid-19 symptoms, or any client who has been in contact with someone with COVID-19, or with someone experiencing symptoms of the disease within the previous 14 days, will be required to reschedule. Clients over age 65 and/or those with underlying conditions are at additional risk. Please consider scheduling treatment at a safer time.


Clients are asked to please limit personal belongings coming into the clinic and to keep their phones, keys, etc. in the designated bin located in treatment rooms at all times. By Order of LA County Board of Health- no food or beverage may be consumed in our facility and we are no longer permitted to provide a common beverage station. Please leave water in your car.

For your safety, therapists and estheticians are subject to strict LA County Board of Health guidelines & as Self Employed/Independent Contractors, each is personally required to self-monitor for any COVID-19 symptoms prior to treating clients. Each must wear a clean mask in the clinic at all times, including during treatments, wash hands frequently, and use gloves & shields where applicable. Treatment rooms & commonly touched surfaces & instruments must be sanitized between appointments & conversation must be limited to reduce possible exposure from any respiratory droplets. To increase ventilation, HEPA air filters are in place, and room doors and windows will remain open during treatments. Disposable headrests and other disposable products will be used when possible. To avoid potential cross-contamination, no bed warmers, blankets, hand warmers etc. will be used at this time. Clients may bring their own blanket in an enclosed bag. 




*COVID-19 risk is known to increase with length of time spent in a confined indoor space. To help mitigate risk, bodywork treatments are limited to the following & not to exceed 50 Minutes:


30 Minute Stretch Only       $40 

30 Minute Relaxation          $50

30 Minute Deep Tissue        $60

30 Minute Sport Therapy     $60


50 Minute Relaxation          $80

50 Minute Deep Tissue        $90

50 Minute Sport Therapy     $90

50 Minute Cranial Sacral     $100


30 Minute Teen Sports     $50

50 Minute Teen Sports     $70


30 Minute Session      $50

50 Minute Session      $70


30 Minute Session      $50/$60

50 Minute Session      $80/$90

Practitioners are Independent Contractors.          Price for service may vary.

24 Hour Cancellation kindly required to avoid 50% treatment fee.

*Valid Gift Certificates - price paid may be used as a credit towards a service. 

*Retail 14 day exchange/return with receipt for TILA CREDIT on unopened products only.

Treat, transform, & trust Touch Institute to provide quality services at competitive prices in the safest way possible. Welcome Back!


*COVID-19 risk is known to increase with length of time spent in a confined indoor space. To help mitigate risk, skincare treatments are limited to the following & not to exceed 50 Minutes:

30 Minute Eminence Facial       $70

30 Minute Facial with Peel       $90 /110

30 Minute Microderm              $80                    30 Minute Infra-Red                 $80    


50 Minute Eminence Facial      $100

50 Minute Facial with Peel      $130/150      

50 Minute Microderm             $130

50 Minute TEEN Facial              $90

All Eminence Organic Facials are uniquely customized  for each client & now include an advanced treatment ($20 Value) to safely & efficiently exfoliate dead skin cells & open pores without the use of steam. Due to the nature of the Covid-19 virus, steam may pose an additional risk to both client and practitioner. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible treatment in the safest way possible.


Brow Wax           $20

Lip or Chin          $10

Chest Wax           $60

Back Wax            $60

Under arms         $20

Half arm             $40

Full arm              $60

Half Leg              $40

Full Leg               $70



Basic                    $40 

Custom                $50

Bare                     $65

Backside               $25   


CHEST/BACK          $60 & UP

Manscapes            $100

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