Gigi C. Doo, PhD, AWC, CMT

Born in Brazil and raised in France, Gigi completed her doctorate in Social Anthropology and worked for many years as a psychotherapist in Paris before relocating to California to study Ayurvedic Medicine.  Gigi concluded her Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling degree with a concentration in massage therapy and aromatherapy, followed by an internship in India. 

Gigi has a deep passion for preventive therapies and came to realize that treating the client from only a psychological perspective does not address the individual as a whole.  Gigi believes it is essential to integrate therapies to achieve a balanced body, mind and spirit.  At TILA, Gigi specializes in aromatherapy & Ayurvedic massage therapy and conducts workshops to educate the public on the benefits of integrative therapies.

Andrew Borinstein, BA, CMP

Southern California born and raised, Andrew graduated Arizona State University with aBIS degree, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. After spending several years in the customer service industry, Andrew embarked on a career in massage therapy. When he is not helping people relieve pain and reduce stress, Andrew enjoys spending time with friends and traveling. Andrew is certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral and Myofascial Release therapies and his goal is to create long lasting relationships with his clients as they pursue the many health benefits of massage therapy.

Krystal Colclasure,  CMT, CPMT, CIMT

Krystal is a life long resident of Torrance, California and a director of Touch Institute Los Angeles Inc.  

Krystal earned her Certified Nursing Assistant designation (CNA) and was pursuing a Registered Nursing degree when her father became ill and suddenly passed away from cancer.  During this sad time, Krystal learned that traditional medicine was not her calling and she began focusing on a career in holistic healthcare.  Krystal's passion for helping others, especially children, led her to the field of touch therapy.  Krystal is state certified in massage therapy, a member of the California Massage Therapy Council, internationally certified in pediatric massage, and a certified infant massage instructor.  Krystal is well qualified to provide touch therapy to clients of all ages, including those with special needs. 

Trish Masson, CMT, AFFA

Over the past 16 years, Trish has dedicated herself to the health and wellness industry as a Certified Massage Therapist, a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Counselor.  Trish specializes in sports therapy and sports injury and rehabilitation and enjoys working with athletes of all levels to relieve pain and improve performance.  With a diverse background in fitness, nutrition and massage therapy, Trish is uniquely qualified to work with the general population to help improve daily living.  Trish incorporates Swedish and deep tissue techniques for a relaxing therapeutic experience tailored to each individual.

Lu Urquidi,  BA, CMT, California Credentialed Teacher

Lu is a California native who has combined his love of massage therapy with his love for teaching.  Lu has had an affinity for touch therapy since he was a child and was referred to as "doctor" by his grandfather because of the gentle massage treatments he provided his grandparents and even his pets.  Lu studied massage therapy and worked in physical therapy in the hospital setting for 4 years before embarking on a teaching career.  After teaching elementary school for 12 years, Lu realized his passion was for healing and decided to focus entirely on massage therapy.  Lu has developed a workshop for couples to introduce them to the benefits of couple massage and the bonding it encourages.

Maria Spiropoulos, CMP

Maria graduated from Palos Verdes High School and continued her general studies at Harbor Community College prior to embarking on a career in massage therapy at South Bay Massage College in Manhattan Beach.  Maria is a Certified Massage Practitioner who specializes in Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy.  Maria's enthusiasm and fresh approach to touch therapy appeals to all clients and in particular first timers and teens.  During the past four years, Maria has taught kindergarten at the Greek School in Long Beach.  Maria resides in Palos Verdes and  enjoys music, dance, and travel.